General FAQs

What are the products that I cannot return?

  • Any item which has been used / or sealed has been opened.
  • Any item which has been damaged during your handling.
  • Any item whose original packaging i.e. tags, stickers, plastic cover has been damaged.
  • All swimwear items.
  • Supplement/Food & Nutrition Products

How to request a return?

  • Contact Customer Service at +92. 335 4114321 or email info@athlonstore.pkto confirm that your product is eligible for return. We will explain to you the return procedure.
  • Please be prepared to give the following information:
  • Your order number.
  • The reason for the return.
  • The method of refund that you would like and necessary information associated.

Once my product is received by Athlon what are the checks being done?

Once your product is received, your product will be checked by our Quality Inspection Team.

We will make sure that your product meets all the requirements for a return as stated in our policies.

How long does the validation or invalidation of the refund take?

From the time the item is sent, the quality assessment can take up to 7 working days. We will send you an email or call you after the quality assessment is finished to inform you of the results of the review.

Can I request a replacement rather than a refund?

If you prefer to replace your product, just notify Customer Service, and we will contact you as soon as your original product has been processed and inventory of the replacement product has been verified.

If my returned product is not validated for return, how am I informed?

If your return is invalid, we will contact you to clarify the situation and return the item(s). The object will be delivered by us.

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